PREMIUM silk duvet cover*


Why sleep on silk of the highest quality? Because of its many beneficial properties for your skin and hair. 


  • Silk fibers are naturally antibacterial, antifungal and mold and mite resistant (which is really important if you have allergies), because they don’t build up moisture like other types of materials. 
  • Silk doesn’t soak up the natural oils  in your hair like other fabrics do, which is why there is no hair oil build up on the pillow, that could lead to acne, pore clogging or other impurities. 
  • It’s very airy which doesn’t give an itchy feeling on your skin. 
  • Silk has long, smooth, soft, and gentle fibers that don’t rub on or irritate the skin.
  • It prevents ‘sleep wrinkles’ because it minimizes the friction of the pillow and your face and it naturally hydrates and keeps the moisture of your skin. 



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PREMIUM silk duvet cover*

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