Frequently asked questions

All our pieces are made in Slovenia, in a tailoring workshop under the hands and supervision of our seamstress Marija, who already has 40 years of experience in the textile industry.

For several reasons – because we carefully select the best materials that hold their price or that only get more expensive from year to year, because quality materials are extremely difficult to find in a world where everything is moving in the direction of quantity > quality, but we persist in this and from we do not compromise on quality.

Each piece of clothing is made to order, in order to avoid stock and thereby ensure a more sustainable approach to clothing production. Since clothes are not produced in mass series, the price of labor is therefore higher than in productions, because hundreds or thousands of identical pieces are machined at once.

Our seamstresses work in a tidy, health-friendly environment and are paid at a fair hourly rate, incomparably higher than those abroad, especially those imported from Asia.

It takes several hours of work to make one piece.

As a result, you get pieces that are made with precision, quality and materials that will last you for years, if not decades.

Of course – since we make all pieces to order, you can always let us know if you have any specific wishes. Whether it’s longer sleeves, a shorter torso, a larger girth on a certain part of the body, or some other detail on the piece, say changing the collar to a regular one.

The production of the piece varies depending on the complexity of the production, the stock/availability of the material, and the desired adjustments. For each individual item, we have a specified delivery date in the description, which is always maximum – we always try to deliver the item as quickly as possible. If you need a certain piece by a certain date, you can contact us at [email protected] and we will let you know if it is feasible. For special occasions and situations, we always try to fulfill the wishes of the customers and also produce something as a priority.

Everything that is in stock – hair oil, caps and the entire outlet section, you get in about 1-2 working days. Even with the other pieces, there is always a piece that is in stock, please contact us for exact information, and we regularly inform customers about this on our Instagram profile.

The numbers are normal, so S is ready-to-wear number. 36. If you are in doubt, you can send us your measurements at [email protected] and we will advise you on choosing a number.

All items can be returned within 14 days of ordering without having to give a reason. However, we would be very happy to hear your feedback on what got you wrong, as it always helps us to try to be even better in the future. You can exchange the item for another one or request a refund. All returns are sent to:

Tailoring Plešnik

Segulinova 12

2342 Ruše

In order to facilitate the processing of returns, we ask that you also send us your intention to return by email.