Terms and conditions


These general terms of business (hereinafter: Terms of Business) represent an agreement between the company 3A INTERNATIONAL d.o.o. (hereinafter: the seller) and buyers of the Méra online store. The business terms and conditions also regulate the terms of use of the online store at the web address  https://meracollection.com/en,  the rights and obligations of the seller and the user, and the content of the concluded sales contract.

The Terms of Business are an integral part of the contract, therefore at the beginning of the purchase process, the seller will specifically draw the customer’s attention to the Terms of Business and ask him to confirm that he is familiar with them and that he agrees with them. Since the customer is bound by the Business Terms and Conditions, which are valid at the time of submitting the online order, we advise him to carefully read the Business Terms and Conditions before using the online store.

The seller reserves the right to change the Terms of Business in the Méra online store.


Company: 3A INTERNATIONAL, store, consulting, advertising, construction and other services, d.o.o.

Abbreviated company: 3A INTERNATIONAL d.o.o.

Headquarters: Maribor

Business address: Na Poljanah 20, 2000 Maribor

Registration number: 2074494000

Tax number: SI 10906134

Email address: [email protected]

Transaction account: Nova KBM, d.d., TRR: SI56 0400 0027 6222 476

The Méra online store is managed by 3A INTERNATIONAL d.o.o., which is also a seller.


In the Méra online store, the customer can choose and order products that are classified into different categories. Ordering is done online 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Due to the nature of online business, the offer of the online store is updated and changed frequently and quickly. The seller makes every effort to keep product information and photos up-to-date and accurate. If the products are not in stock, this is also clearly indicated on the website or in the e-mail that the customer receives upon ordering.

In the online store, regular product prices are displayed in euros (EUR) including VAT without delivery costs, any discount and the promotional price of the product. Prices are valid at the time of placing the order and do not have a predetermined validity. The prices are valid in the case of payment with the payment methods listed below under the conditions listed below.

All special offers in the online store are valid until the specified date or until stocks are sold out. Promotions and special offers are excluded unless otherwise stated. The seller reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.


A user account is not a requirement for purchasing in the online store. The buyer can place an order in the express purchase process, i.e. without first creating a user account.

However, if the customer wants to register, to register in the online store, he obtains a user name that is the same as his e-mail address, and a user password that is determined by the user himself. The user name and password unambiguously determine and associate the user with the entered data. This makes the purchase itself easier for the buyer, and guarantees the seller that the data will be fully protected and used in accordance with the conditions to which the (potential) buyer agrees.

Responsibility for correct data entry rests with the buyer.


5.1. Product selection

In the online store, the customer selects the desired product by clicking on it. After entering all the necessary product requirements, he clicks the “Add to Cart” button.

The system then informs the customer that the product has been added to the cart. By clicking on the “Show cart” button or on the shopping cart icon at the top right, the customer can open the contents of the cart. Complete the purchase by clicking the “Checkout” button.

5.2. Changing the quantity and removing the product from the cart

If the customer made a mistake or changed his mind about the quantity of the selected product, he can simply change the quantity or remove the product by clicking on the shopping cart icon in the top right. Correct the quantity of products by entering the correct number/quantity or by clicking on −/+. The customer removes the product by simply clicking on the cross next to the product.

5.3. To the cashier

The buyer continues the purchase process by clicking the “Checkout” button. To complete the order, the buyer must fill in the following fields:

  • If the customer has a coupon code, they click on the link next to the “Have a coupon?” icon and enter it. The coupon code cannot be applied to those products that are already discounted.
  • If the buyer has received a gift certificate, he clicks on the link next to the icon “Have you received a gift certificate from a loved one?” and enters the gift card code in the field displayed. In addition to entering the code from the gift card, the customer can also use the coupon code.
  • Payer’s data: in the form it is necessary to enter the required data that the provider needs to confirm and complete the order and to deliver the product:
  • If the buyer wants to deliver the product to another address, click “Deliver to another address” and enter the necessary information.
  • If the buyer wishes, he can sign up to receive messages related to the offer in the online store by clicking on the “Sign up for our exclusive news” window.
  • If the buyer wants to add any notes to his order, he should enter them below in the “Order notes (optional)” section.
  • The buyer then chooses a payment method. He is also specially warned about the Terms of Business, familiarity with which he must confirm before placing the order by clicking on the window “I have read and agree to the terms of business of the website*”.

Order review

Before submitting the order, all key information about the order will be visible on the screen so that the buyer can check it and correct it if necessary: ​​the list of products that he has added to the cart and the prices of the selected products. Any errors regarding the desired products or their quantity can be corrected by the buyer by using the “back” command in the browser to return to the cart and edit the changes there. The buyer will also be able to check the entered data during the inspection and correct any errors in the data entry if necessary. The system will give him a visible warning on the fly if he forgets to fill in a mandatory column with order data or if he enters an inappropriate form of data.

5.5. Completion of the order

The order will be placed when the customer clicks on the “Buy Now” button. If the order was successfully submitted, the text “Thank you for your order” is displayed on the website.

5.6. Certificate of concluded contract

After submitting the order, the buyer will receive a confirmation of the concluded contract.

The buyer will have the confirmation in his e-mail box, and he will be able to save the Terms and Conditions in PDF format by clicking on the link in point 16 of these Terms and Conditions.


The sales contract is concluded the moment the online store sends the customer the first email about the status of his order. From this moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to both the seller and the buyer. The buyer will receive a confirmation of the concluded contract to his e-mail address.

The person with the information specified when placing the order is considered a buyer. It is not possible to change the customer data later.

The term for purchase is that the buyer is of legal age.

The sales contract constitutes a confirmation of the concluded contract together with these Terms and Conditions.

The certificate of the concluded contract is stored in electronic form on the provider’s server.


The following payment methods are available in the online store:

  • direct bank transaction,
  • by paying with a Visa/Mastercard/ credit card,
  • payment by PayPal or credit card.

In the case of a direct bank transaction, the buyer makes the payment to the seller’s bank account, quoting the order ID as a reference. The buyer has 48 hours to settle the amount from the order, otherwise the order is considered cancelled.

In the case of payment by PayPal or credit card, the buyer refers to the terms and conditions of the selected bank provider.

The provider will start processing the order and delivering the ordered product after receiving the payment.

The seller will send the invoice for the completed purchase to the buyer together with the product in the package.


The seller prepares the product within the agreed period, ships it and hands the order over to the delivery service.

The seller ships within the Republic of Slovenia with Pošta Slovenije, whereby the delivery cost for packages worth up to €150 is €3.90, and for purchases exceeding the value of €150, postage is free.

When choosing to pick up the package at a Petrol service station, Petrol will additionally charge for the package delivery service (€0.45) and the ransom processing service (€1.05) for all packages sent via the GLS delivery service. An additional fee of €0.45 is charged for the delivery of a package without a ransom, and €1.50 for the delivery of a package with a ransom. The amount applies to each individual delivered package.


A gift voucher is an identification paper that the seller issues in electronic form against payment (the buyer receives an e-mail with the gift voucher code). Each gift certificate is marked with its own code (unique serial number), and the provider is obliged to accept it as payment for products sold in the online store.

The gift voucher can be purchased in 4 different fixed amounts, namely: 25 EUR, 50 EUR, 100 EUR or 150 EUR.

The validity of a gift voucher is 1 year from the date of issue of the voucher, unless the seller indicates otherwise on the voucher.

It is not possible to exchange a gift certificate for cash. The voucher can only be redeemed for the full amount. If the value of the purchase is higher than the value of the gift certificate, the holder of the gift certificate must pay the difference. The value of the purchase must be equal to or greater than the value of the gift certificate.

9.1. Using a gift certificate (at the last step of the purchase)

The procedure for purchasing a gift voucher is the same as for all other products and is presented in chapter 5.

The buyer fills in the field with the information of the receiver of the gift certificate (name, surname and email address) and the field with the information of the buyer. If desired, he can add another message that will be received by the recipient of the gift certificate. The customer then clicks the “Add to Cart” button.

The payment procedure for the gift voucher is the same as the payment procedure for all other products and is presented in chapter 7.

After successfully placing the order, the receiver receives the gift voucher to the provided email address, and the buyer receives a payment confirmation.

In the case of payment via a direct bank transaction, the receiver receives the gift voucher to his email address when the buyer completes the transaction and receives a confirmation of payment at the same time.


In the case of contracts concluded at a distance, the buyer has the right to notify within fourteen (14) days that he withdraws from the contract without having to give a reason for his decision. The deadline begins the next day from the date that the product was accepted.

The right of withdrawal is considered to be given in time if the buyer’s message, that he withdraws from the contract is sent before the expiry of the withdrawal period from this contract.

The buyer cannot exercise the right to withdraw from a distance contract in cases excluded by the applicable Consumer Protection Act.

The request, including the buyer’s personal data and the transaction invoice for the return of the purchase price, must be sent to the e-mail address: [email protected]. For this purpose, the buyer can optionally also use the model resignation form (tu naj se doda povezava do obrazca).

The buyer sends the product to the address: Méra – 3A INTERNATIONAL d.o.o., Na Poljanah 20, 2000 Maribor. The buyer returns the product without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days from the day on which the buyer notified the provider of withdrawal from the contract. The only cost charged to the buyer in connection with withdrawal from the contract is the direct cost of returning the goods. Shipments with a ransom are not accepted by the seller and are rejected upon delivery.

All payments already made, together with the original postage, will be refunded to the buyer within 14 days at the latest to the bank account specified by the buyer when returning the products, or by issuing a credit note in the form of a coupon code that the buyer can use for the next purchase in the online store. If the purchase is made with a gift voucher, the seller does not return the voucher, but issues a credit in the form of a coupon code to the buyer, which the buyer can redeem for the next purchase in the online store.

In the case of a return, the buyer must return the product to the seller flawless and undamaged and in the original packaging.

In the event that the buyer does not act in accordance with the previous paragraph, he does not lose the right to withdraw from the contract, but he is responsible for the reduction of the value of the goods due to the handling of the goods, which is not necessarily necessary only to determine its nature, properties and operation.

The seller has the option of withdrawing from the contract if an obvious fault is found (Article 46 of the OZ). An obvious defect is considered to be all the essential properties of the object and all mistakes which are considered decisive according to the customs of the traffic or according to the intention of the customers and which the provider would not have agreed to in the event of knowledge, or concluded contracts. This also includes obvious pricing errors.

This section of the general terms and conditions regarding the right of withdrawal applies only to consumers as defined by the applicable Consumer Protection Act.


A buyer who is a consumer can exercise his rights under the warranty for the conformity of goods (also: product) if he fulfills the conditions laid down in the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-1). The buyer can exercise his rights under the guarantee for the sweetness of the goods, if he informs the seller about the non-conformity within two months from the date on which the non-conformity was established. The seller is responsible for any non-conformity of the goods that exists at the time of delivery of the product and becomes apparent within two years after the delivery of the goods. It is assumed that the non-conformity of the goods already existed at the time of delivery if it becomes apparent within one year of the delivery of the goods, unless the seller proves otherwise or this assumption is incompatible with the nature of the goods or the nature of the non-conformity.

The buyer must describe the non-conformity in more detail in the defect notification and allow the seller to inspect the item. A copy of the invoice and the purchase agreement must be attached to the notice of non-compliance. The buyer can notify the provider of non-conformity at the e-mail address: [email protected].

The seller is not responsible for non-conformity, if he specifically informed the consumer at the time of the conclusion of the sales contract that an individual property of the goods deviates from the objective requirements for conformity, as determined by the applicable consumer protection legislation, and the buyer expressly and separately accepted the non-conformity at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

The buyer may request the seller to remedy the non-conformity of the goods free of charge within a reasonable period from the time the seller is notified of the non-conformity, which must not exceed 30 days without causing significant inconvenience to the buyer, taking into account in particular the nature of the goods and the purpose for which the consumer needs the goods.

The deadline from the previous paragraph can be extended for the shortest time necessary to complete the repair or replacement, but not longer than 15 days. The seller informs the buyer about a possible extension and the reasons for it.

The buyer, who has correctly informed the seller about the non-compliance, has the right from the provider in the following order to:

  1. requires the provider to establish the conformity of the goods free of charge;
  2. requests a reduction of the purchase price in proportion to the non-compliance or withdraws from the sales contract and requests a refund of the amount paid.

If the existence of inconsistencies in the goods is not disputed, the seller will comply with the buyer’s request as soon as possible, but no later than within 8 days. However, if the existence of non-conformity of the goods is disputed, the seller will respond in writing to the buyer’s request and explain his position no later than eight days after receiving the buyer’s request.

In accordance with the first paragraph of Article 466 of the Code of Obligations (hereinafter: OZ), the seller excludes his responsibility for material defects.


The entire content of the website, regardless of its format (text, images, movies, sounds, etc.), is protected by copyright and related rights. The holder of copyright and related rights, both moral and material, on the content of the website is the seller.

The content on the website may not be used for any purpose other than the buyer’s private use, unless the seller gives prior written and express permission otherwise. In case of abuse, the buyer is criminally and materially liable.


The buyer can find all detailed information about the processing of personal data in the Privacy Policy section. The buyer must be aware that he is obliged to provide the seller with his personal data in a correct and true form, and he is also obliged to inform the seller of any change in his data. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the buyer confirms that the personal data he has provided is correct.


The seller reserves the right to disable the website or disable access to it due to technical or other problems and maintenance, which also means disabling or hindering the use of the online store. The seller is not responsible for reimbursing any damage or costs incurred by the buyer due to the termination, non-operation or obstacles in the operation of the website. The seller reserves the right to change the offer, printing errors and limited availability.

The seller is not responsible for damage that may occur to the buyer’s hardware, software or other equipment due to the use of the website. The buyer must ensure adequate equipment protection (antivirus, etc.) before using and accessing the website.

The customer must ensure adequate security and confidentiality of the data used to register on the website. The seller is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the buyer due to unauthorized disclosure or use of registration data.


Slovenian law applies to these Terms of Business, the sales contract and the relationship between the buyer and the seller, except in cases where, according to EU legislation, consumer protection provisions of the law of another country must be applied in addition to Slovenian law.

Any disputes that may arise from these Terms of Business, the sales contract or the relationship between the buyer and the seller are attempted to be resolved amicably by the parties. In the event that an agreement is not possible, the dispute will be decided by the competent court in Maribor.


16.1. Appeal procedure

The seller complies with applicable consumer protection laws and makes every effort to provide an effective complaint handling system.

In case of any problems, the buyer can contact the provider by e-mail at [email protected], through which he can submit his complaint. The appeal process is confidential. The seller is confident that he can solve the buyer’s concerns, problems or complaints quickly, efficiently and peacefully.

16.2. Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

The seller does not recognize any provider of out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes as competent to resolve a consumer dispute that could be initiated by a consumer in accordance with the Act on out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes.

The seller publishes on its website an electronic link to the platform for the online resolution of consumer disputes (SRPS). The platform is available at the link Spletno reševanje sporov | Evropska komisija (europa.eu).


The customer can also download and save the terms and conditions in PDF format.


We wish you plenty of pleasant and affordable shopping!

The terms of business are valid from 25.7.2023.